Summary of Meraj Oil

Meraj Oil Company, with its advanced production line for the production of standard bitumen in large dimensions, for domestic needs and also export to countries importing this product, has a significant share in the country’s standard bitumen market

The strategy and goals of this collection are to provide bitumens in accordance with international and domestic standards, and by using the knowledge and capabilities of experts in the field of bitumen production, the production of special and modified bitumens can be provided based on customer requests.

  • انبار قیر

    Bitumen warehouse

    Has bitumen warehouses

    High volume for maintenance

    Standard bitumen

  • تعهد شرکت معراج


    Commitment from contract

    to delivery of cargo

  • null


    Ability to select the type of cargo

    And transport it to the destination

    for the convenience of the customer

  • استاندارد


    Observance of all laws

    and principles of the oil

    industry And quality and

    compliant products Global


  • null


    Supply of large dimensions

    bitumen to all parts

    of the world

  • سوخت های فسیلی - نفت معراج

    fossil fuels

    Supply of fossil fuels

    Light and heavy

Articles in the field of bitumen and gas oil